Residency Ready Physicians on FaceBook what has happened?

Residency Ready Physicians on Facebook is a closed group that Physicians who live in the USA, citizen, green card or Permanent Resident may join if they are at least ECFMG certified. We have found that physicians like us are having a terrible time in matching into a residency in the US. Many times we do not get one interview during the residency match over multiple years despite great experience and current US experience.

Currently we have over 600 Members.

What have we done over the past year? Petitions, discussion and attempted to form a 501c organization.

What is the future? Better if we get more of the 5,000 other physicians like us to join.  Read the rest of this entry


What is AIMG?

What is AIMG?

Tune in later to find out!



Is Doing a residency for free the Answer?

IS doing a residency for free the answer to the shortage of doctors and residency spots in the US today and in the future. With the current budget cuts its hard to imagine the new residencies opening up to help supply the needed physicians in the coming years. In fact many residencies are thinking of cutting existing spots since they will not have the funds.

Congress and our president do not seem to care and are willing to take the needed funds away and let the US go without Doctors.  So is the answer create accredited residencies that Medical Graduates attend with no pay? The only cost is what is needed for administration? Is there another way?


We do not exisit, yet we are in the thousands!

Each year thousands of US physicians, ECFMG certified are passed over for a residency spot to import foreign doctors into residencies. These Foreign doctors are indebted and bonded to stay in their home country, whom has paid for their medical education, but run to the USA in seek of fortune they believe they will make off the US citizens. Many of these foreign doctors dream of become wealthy and are not in medicine for anything other than money. If they were in medicine to take care of people then why run to the USA?

My fellow US physicians who are ECFMG certified, living in the communities we wish to serve, are willing to do a residency in needed areas of medicine and are even willing to go through a residency for FREE, No PAY!!!!! We know we will make adequate money serving our fellow Americans as Physicians but making fortunes is not our goal, our goal is to practice medicine in the country we live in.

We have mailed and emailed and talked to numerous congress representatives who continue to say they do not understand the problem. We have been told to go to the AMA and to the US Department of Education and even the US Labor Department only to be told no one is responsible. The AMA ( American Medical Association) has flat out rejected our statements telling us that it is Unconstitutional to Hire American Physicians into residencies before considering Foreign Doctors ( Doctors who do not live in the US and need a Visa to even come to the US).

We have seen a clear agenda to continue to import doctors from other countries, ignoring the thousands of Doctors who live in the US with green cards, permanent residents and are citizens of the US. These US doctors have passed the USMLE, are ECFMG certified and qualified for a residency just as the US Medical School graduates are. Its the same standard. The only difference is we went to medical school outside the US, funny because the Foreign doctors went to medical school outside the US as well, plus these foreign doctors are not part of US communities as we already are.

We will not give on or give up, we are here suffering without jobs and ready to fill the need for physicians in the US.

We are here in the thousands

We exist

Residency Ready Physicians

ECFMG certified and Qualified for US Residency

Help us to help America !

Its that time of year again, A petition to save US residencies

This petition is in the spirit that over 10,000 current US physicians go without a PGY1 residency despite being qualified.


1. Place a moratorium on all J1 visas for residency for 3 years or use a mandatory tier system unless governments of their countries of origin are sponsoring their visas and paying for their residency position

2. Implement a version of the Manitoba model for individual assessment of physicians that have already trained in residency programs or practiced outside of the USA, and prepare IMGs to work under supervision or directly in underserved areas

3. Provide targeted training for IMGs who have graduated outside USA law–when-americans–qualify-for
Created: Jan 07, 2013


Link to petition:   White House

Please support US residencies for US citizens and permanent residents, we are here and ready to help in our Physician shortage.

Replace Primary care Physicians with Nurse Practitioners?

Replace Primary care Physicians with Nurse Practitioners? Bad idea!

Why? Because nurse practitioners do not go to medical school nor train in a residency. Nurse practitioners spend a couple extra years in Nursing school Look here:


No courses like in medical school, Nurse Practitioners cannot be Physicians, licensed as Physicians and cannot replace Physicians. Trying to replace the highly trained Physician with a Nurse Practitioner is a mistake of monumental proportions. We currently have over 10,000 physicians in the USA needing residencies to be license and fill the need for primary physicians in the US. There is no need to put the public at risk by replacing Primary Care Physicians with Nurse Practitioners when there so many Physicians ready to do so. Would you want  a person who went through medical school ( 8 to 10 years )  and a 3 to 4 year or more residency training taking care of you or a person who went to nursing school and additional 2 years?

Doctors= Medical School, NP= Nursing School

Nurse Practitioners do well with routine problems and management but make many mistakes, misdiagnosis and treatments with complicated cases. As we advance in medicine the complicated cases are on the rise not decline.

Support Residency Ready Physicians and help us fill the need for Physicians in the US. The best solution for the shortage.  

New petiton in increase residency spots in the USA by 5,000 mid 2013


Petition to increase residency positions by five thousand in the USA by Mid 2013.

The purpose is to fill the current and future need for primary care physicians in the USA. Use alternative funding other than Medicare. In the 2012 US residency match there were over 14 thousand qualified unmatched Doctors who could have easily filled these positions with more being graduated every year. There has been no significant increase in residency positions in the USA due to the Medicare funding. We are asking the president to mandate the new positions to fight the increasing health care crises we are facing. 5,000 new residencies by mid-2013 and 5,000 more by mid-2014.





Link below to sign the petition





Petition to increase residency positions by five thousand in the USA by Mid 2013.

The Petition

Petition to increase residency positions by five thousand in the USA by Mid 2013. Another five thousand by mid 2014

The purpose is to help solve the primary care crises America is facing. Currently a large number of permanent residents and citizens who are qualified could fill these positions. US medical schools have increased enrollment considerably the past few years causing a crises of shortage in residency training spots.

This new category would be :

Non salary (saving 100’s of thousands of dollars)

Provide Malpractice Insurance

Provide allowances for: housing, education and food to the residents

1 to 3 years in length. ACGME accreditation.

Primary care medicine only.

Participants in these residencies will contract for a period of not less than 3 years for practice in an area of need.

Participants who need Visas but have obligations to return to their home country after residency are not eligible
Created: Nov 14, 2012
Issues: Health Care

Please Sign it for US and for you!

Each year Hundreds of Americans are pushed aside for Jobs that are given to Foreigners

Each year Hundreds of Americans are pushed aside for Jobs that are given to Foreigners. Americans lust like you who are Physicians who need residency jobs so they can finish the requirements to fill the need for Physicians in the USA, are pushed out of the way in favor of Foreign doctors who need work visas to come to the USA. Why is this happening? Because there are those in the AMA who have pushed this as a way to fill the need of physicians in the USA. They ignore the physicians already here and graduating from offshore medical school in need of the residency jobs. Some of these American physicians have US student loans and without the residency jobs will be forced to default on these loans.

Residency Ready Physicians has about 400 such physicians, ECFMG certified, Ready and qualified for these residency jobs. We would stay and fill the need for physicians in these communities. Good for these American Physicians and Good fir America!

What if you graduted college and found out the job was taken by a Foreign national?

Every Year US jobs are taken by thousands of foreign nationals in the US. Qualified Americans are pushed to the side while foreign nationals are recruited actively for the same jobs.  US residencies are Jobs and training for thousands of young doctors in the US. They sign contracts, get paid and pay taxes. They are Licensed physicians while in these positions. Many of the American physicians pushed aside because they did not attend a US medical school, but the foreign physicians recruited did not either. There is no reason to not give the positions to the Americans since they are ECFMG certified, but due to a system that decides who will get interviewed, the highest score gets the interview regardless if its a foreign doctor or an American doctor. The score, these foreign doctors have been able to study for the tests for years ( not months like the American doctors) mastering the material and in some cases using stolen test questions to get scores at an insanely high level at times.


Please consider signing our petition, American physicians first for American residencies.


Congress: Do not outsource American jobs when Americans

qualify for them